Welcome to Transformational Healing™.

You're probably on this page for one of two reasons:

1. You want to feel better - mentally, spiritually, physically.
or maybe
2. You want to discover your spiritual gifts and develop relationships with your Spirit Guides.

Either way, you've found the right place.


Meditations For Healing

For beginners, Adalina recommends starting with the Daily Walk meditations. These meditations are designed to fit into your everyday practice. Discover how to ease chronic pain by changing the way your brain processes those frequencies. In this profound sound healing, the Spirit Guides lead this channeled meditation to heal and open the chakras, deliver tones to rewrite pain signals in the limbic brain, and transmute them into high vibrational frequencies. Daily use of these tones is recommended for best results.

Courses For Developing Your Gifts

Redesign your aura to be one of joy, attraction and prosperity. This channeled course works with your Spirit Guides to first heal your aura, and then build the practice that will help you develop both your intuitve gifts and inner wisdom. Each session will be about an hour in length, and will consist of a live, channeled transmission, a Transformational Healing process and an action for you to redesign your energetic frequency to call in all that you desire. It is recommended that you use one session per day or one session every few days as the energy can get intense, and you want to allow your body to come back to homeostasis in between sessions.