• This is where Neuroscience and Spiritual Alchemy meet.

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Adalina East


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"Adalina is a gentle yet powerful spiritual healer who creates a safe space to explore and release patterns, beliefs and feelings that undermine health and success. I would recommend a session for everyone!"

JJ Flizanes, Podcast Host and Empowerment Strategist, LA, CA

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"I perform 8 shows a week as a professional dancer. I don't have time for standard therapies anymore. I have healed most of my injuries through Transformational Healing™ in online sessions with Adalina. I highly recommend it."

Cara B., Broadway Dancer in NY, NY

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"With Adalina's healing help, I overcame my fear from childhood about rejection from men. I learned about how fear comes from trauma. Trauma can be healed, and you can change your life and outlook on things. Her methods work. I wish I had saved those 3 years in talk therapy!"

Sarah V., Actor in London, UK

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"Adalina works with multi-dimensional beings to return us to our mental, physical and spiritual health. Our family began with many issues and psychological problems. We have been to several therapists. This Transformational Healing™ method has worked so well for us that we tell all of our friends about it.

Erica J., Executive in Princeton, NJ

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