Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program

  • Do you find yourself wanting to create healing on this Earth?
  • Do you know you have intuitive gifts, but have been unable to access them yet? Or have you taken so many classes and certifications that you aren't sure what is really YOURS at this point?
  • Do you find yourself in difficult circumstances, like quarantine, and want to learn how to make lasting decisions more quickly and with greater ease?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for my Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program.

Last year, I began to notice that my healing sessions with clients would sometimes turn into live channeling sessions, channeling various answers to their deepest questions about their businesses, relationships, living circumstances and more.

These answers came very specifically from the clients’ Spirit Guides. As always, I am happy to work with people in whatever capacity is necessary to live in a space of peace. But I appreciate the spiritual independence that my teachers have passed on to me so that I can channel for myself, tapping in to the Divine whenever I need quick answers to decisions that feel intimidating.

Because of this, the Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program was born.

This program will take you out of your comfort zone and introduce to you exactly how to tap in to your intuitive gifts. Are you clairvoyant with the ability to see the right path to take, clairaudient, able to hear which way to go, clairsentient, able to feel which way is the right way for you? Or are you claircognizant, able to read others energy completely?

Or do you have different spiritual gifts, like channeled writing, sound healing, seeing past lives or something that is completely unique to you and is not named yet?

The Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program ascertains just this: What are your intuitive gifts that you can bring to your business or organization every day to rise up? Are these gifts something that you would like to bring to the world as a business or practice? How to go about doing this?

The program runs for three months and includes:

  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with me
  • Weekly homework assignments with exercises to re-awaken your gifts
  • Recorded tones to bring about healing and make room for your intuitive gifts to be expressed
  • Journaling prompts to go deeply in to your subconscious and re-program whatever holds you back from realizing your gifts