Divine Guiding Light 2 - Auric Imprints

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“Your auric imprint is like a footprint, something you leave behind everywhere you have been. Like the footprint, the auric imprint is very personal to you, it is your own individuality expressed in color, texture and design. At the moment we are born, our auric imprint begins to take shape. Some change rapidly, some slowly. But your auric imprint is with you wherever you go.” -the Pleiadian and Sirian collectives

Unlike a footprint, your auric imprint is the first thing people respond to when you walk into a room. People are drawn to you based on this unique architecture of your soul expressed in visual and energetic form. Your brain waves can dictate your auric imprint, as can your thoughts and emotions, blocks holding you back and the healing that you have undertaken to overcome them.

The Pleiadians and Sirians are our star collective beings of light, sent to assist us in modifying our auric imprint. They have lived full human lives, and have ascended to be our Spirit Guides, moving us through these challenging times and showing us all of the grace and ease on the other side of this time of transition. The grace and ease can also come from healing our moments of truth within ourselves. Those moments of trauma, of dis-ease and of triggers we feel on a daily basis can come to the forefront, and be transformed, moderating our structure and even our internal biology.

Join us for this channeled course as we venture towards the Divine Guiding Light, walking side by side with the Pleiadians, Sirians and our ancestral Spirit Guides, to heal anything that keeps us from our Divinity, our inner wisdom and our intuitive gifts. The Guides will direct us in redesigning our auric imprint to be one of joy, attraction and prosperity.

Each session will be about an hour in length, and will consist of a live, channeled transmission, a Transformational Healing process and an action for you to redesign your energetic frequency to call in all that you desire. It is recommended that you use one session per day or one session every few days as the energy can get intense, and you want to allow your body to come back to homeostasis in between sessions. Our souls move more quickly than our bodies, and it is important to allow your body to catch up. Drink plenty of water after each session to speed along your body's ability to recircuit your brain and cleanse any old belief systems that you have just let go.

Can you hear the Pleiadians calling you back to your beautiful aura? Join us for more.

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