The Arcturians and Soul Contracts

Channeled message from the Arcturians-

“Your soul contracts were given to you as a gift. A soul contract is the acknowledgment of a connection between you and another soul throughout this lifetime, and likely, in many previous lifetimes as well. You are contracted, so to speak, to effect each others lives.

As you continue to experience your soul contracts, you begin to open your eyes to more of you. What could be more beautiful than a greater view of yourself?

Throughout this time, you will also be granted a deeper vision into others. As you examine yourself, taking full accountability for all that you are, you begin to notice others differently. Those that you’ve been in a relationship with for quite some time may begin to fall away, and of course, this is for your highest and greatest good.

For those that are meant for you will always be there. Those who are encouraging you towards the things that you want out of this lifetime will always be there. Even if their form of being there it does not look exactly like you thought that it would. 

As you continue to ascend and move forward on your spiritual path, there will be new people in your world. New friendships and relationships will form as you continue to change. Transformation has been and will always be the way forward for you dear ones. 

For you came here to change the world. You came here to change. And this change is beautiful.”-The Arcturians

A soul contract can be something as simple as letting a person go ahead of you in line and seeing how much this makes their day. A soul contract can also be a marriage, an intimate partner relationship, a friend, a sibling. 

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