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How many times has fear dictated your next move? How many times have you been excited about something new, only to find out that it wasn’t right for you? How often do you try to will yourself out of uncomfortable situations, only to have them come up again and again?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is because your beautiful, spiritual and human brain has been “pre-set,” to react to things in a certain way.

The factors that pre-set our brains are anything and everything, from the toxins in the food we eat (yes, even if you are an organic vegan), the circumstances in which we are raised and the world that we currently live in. In other words, many factors that are beyond our control.

But we don’t have to LIVE in this way. We can re-train our brains to function differently.

Yes, your brain can be re-trained!

With years of experience behind me in both counseling and neuroscience, my methods have turned a bit woo-woo. Well, a lot woo-woo.

After years of research, I have found that the special intersection of spirituality, neuroscience and counseling has healed and changed lives. I call this method of healing Transformational, because it is!

In my course, FREEDOM, my Spirit Guides and yours channel through 5 unique, can’t-be-found-anywhere-else Transformational Healing™ processes. We use neuroscience-backed processes to re-train our brains for liberation, freedom and consistent healing, both right now and over time.

When I use the word FREEDOM, I mean freedom from toxic relationships in both this lifetime and past lifetimes, friendships that don’t fit anymore, labels that don’t fit anymore, living situations that are way past their prime (this includes jobs!) and much more.


This course includes the following modules:

1. Healing the Biggest Block in the Akashic Records

2. Mythbusting Twin Flames

3. The Pleiadians, your Oversoul and Friendships

4. Your Co-Workers as your Guides

5. True Love with the Pleiadians

Join us to transform ALL relationships in your life into those for your highest and greatest good.

It is recommended that you use one session per day or one session every few days as the energy can get intense, and you want to allow your body to come back to homeostasis in between sessions.