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The Practical Channel

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A straight forward, 5-day course designed to connect you with your Spirit Guides directly. Have you ever felt that intuitive gut tingle? Have you known that your Guides were around you, but not quite been sure how to hear from them? We have all been there!

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the step-by-step processes experienced channels use;
  • Jump start your abilities with my shortcut exercises;
  • Start feeling the magic of connecting with your Guides.

There are so many different ways to channel, and even more ways to go about learning how to do so. But as my grandmother used to always say, it's always best to learn from the people you trust.

If you are here, we have built a relationship in the ethers, online or even IRL. 

I have been training people in how to channel for nearly a decade in a very exclusive, one-on-one mentorship program.

Now I'm ready to spill the tea!

After you finish this course, you can expect:

  1. To learn how to ONLY communicate with Guides for your highest and best good;
  2. To know 6 different ways to channel (some while getting 3D life things done at the same time);
  3. To have learned which Guides you are working with;
  4.  To learn how to ask and receive answers from your Guides;
  5. To learn how to channel for loving and supportive friends, bringing them the peace that they need.

If you have always been interested in joining the one-on-one Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program with me, this is the first step. All of those that I have mentored have learned how to channel before tapping into and discovering their unique, spiritual gifts. Now you too can experience one of the most important foundations of the mentorship program for a fraction of the price.

Here are just a few examples of clients who have used this formula to learn how to channel:

  1. Sarah brought channeling into her online business and has exceeded all of her financial goals for this year by April;
  2. Natasha learned how to channel and now works as a medium, earning 6 figures in her first year;
  3. Jonathan channels daily in his medical practice to help those with rare medical conditions;
  4. Kat uses her channeling gifts with herbalism to bring healing to her family and friends.

Channeling is such a part of my daily routine that I almost don't notice when I am doing it anymore! But I had to start somewhere. The tools you will learn in this course are not found outside of my mentorship program, and I am sharing this now as the Guides have prompted me to do so.

I believe in you. If you found your way here, there is a reason for it. Listen to your intuition, your soul, and learn how to channel today.

"I think what is helpful is that it comes with bite-sized exercises that you can do every day. It makes it easy to incorporate into your routine. I liked this course because it is simple, it shows you how to be in direct contact with your Guides and you can practice it on a daily basis in a safe space. This course affirms your own wisdom.
When I was preparing (for a new launch in my business), there was a real sense of trust in my Guides.
I have prayed to my Guides for so long, but now I can be more intentional with them, and hear from them. They come directly to me. They have been talking to me a lot, Mary Magdalene, Egyptian gods, some Guides from my culture, and elementals. There are some of them that are specifically lifelong for me, and I just became aware of them!"
– Xeres Villaneuva, Tarot Reader