Winter Solstice 2021

Happy Winter Solstice to you! 

Join me for a 1 hour FREE event on Saturday, December 18 at 12 PM PT

The solstice, on December 21, is a precious time of closing out the last year and ringing in the new one for me. I LOVE to participate in indigenous rituals from my grandmother and spiritual practices on this day to plan my year ahead.

I want to take you BEHIND THE SCENES with me! 

At this free event, I will walk you through what I do on Winter Solstice to let go of what has been healed, channel the Guides and create beautiful ceremony to pave the way for an amazing 2022.

There will be:

  • a guided meditation;
  • a channeled message from Yeshua (Christ Consciousness), the Pleiadians and more;
  • release of all that your oversoul has absorbed in 2021 (if you don't know what your oversoul is, the Guides will explain it before we begin the meditation);
  • a happy new year toast to our spiritual elders, those that have come before us to usher in a new timeline;
  • rituals that will make your heart sing;
  • and so much more!

Please join me and the Guides for this FREE celebration!