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More About The Complete Tones Collection:

Each set of tones and activations works with the neuronal structures in your brain to allow for a deep, transformational healing™, transmuting what is no longer serving you. These channeled sound harmonics from the 12th dimensional Pleiadians, the Council of Light, the Mary Magdalene collective, Archangel Michael and more penetrate to the heart of the matter and work with your intention to usher into your life the highest vibrational frequencies. The Guides take you on a journey to the soul to alchemize, release and create new neuronal patterns to serve your highest purpose.

This collection includes:

The Activation for Love

Tones for Chronic Pain

Tones for Anxiety Relief

Tones for New Earth

Free gift of Tones for Viral Fear

More About The Channeled Recorded Message:

Channeled guidance is delivered straight to your inbox in the form of a recorded, channeled answer to your single question. This is not a one-on-one session. Adalina holds your singular question or topic in her field as she channels your Guides, Ascended Masters and Multi-Dimensional Teachers to record this message specifically for you. There will be channeled tones and sound harmonics delivered as well to heal and uplift you each time you listen, blending Transformational Healing™ and Divine guidance into one, consolidated recording. Adalina suggests using open-ended questions and keeping your intention open to receiving the most pertinent guidance for you right now. Questions have ranged from past life connections to how to stay in your purpose during this incredible time on the planet.