Tones and Courses Participant Agreement

I acknowledge that after purchasing the tones and/or courses from Adalina East and Entropy Healing, LLC (formerly d.b.a. Betsy Davis), I deny the right to facilitate the use of the workshop material in private one-to-one sessions, either professionally or personally, with clients or others, for monetary gain or otherwise.
Further, while I do not have the right to facilitate the Adalina East material with others as outlined above, I also agree not to teach the workshop content to others in any way, to groups or individuals, professionally or otherwise, for monetary gain or otherwise. I further agree not to post any text, video or audio presentations of Adalina East material, or demonstrations on the internet, or other electronic media.

Adalina East, Entropy Healing LLC, its staff, and content-providers are not licensed medical care providers and are not rendering personal medical advice or treatment. Always consult your doctor or health care provider. Use of this website, including any of its content, is subject to the Terms & Conditions, available here.

I acknowledge that Entropy Healing, LLC (d.b.a. Adalina East, Entropy Healing and Entropy Healing, LLC) is the owner, and/or the exclusive licensee of certain rights, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, concepts, and materials pertaining to the tones and courses. I further acknowledge and agree that the Adalina East training materials, logos and other trade symbols used in Adalina East tones and courses and on the Adalina East website (, formerly are proprietary, intellectual property of Entropy Healing, LLC, and I agree not to reproduce, in whole or in part, or to utilize, plagiarize or imitate any of the Adalina East, Entropy Healing, LLC (formerly Betsy Davis) concepts, technology, and strategies, materials, or Website graphics, in any manner, without the express written consent of Adalina East, Entropy Healing, LLC. Furthermore, I agree not to record, in whole or in part, in any manner, including audio, video, or photographs, any part of the instructional or experiential portions of the Tones or Courses.
I understand that I may not use the Adalina East, Entropy Healing, LLC name on my website, business card or other printed materials. I may not use the Adalina East, Entropy Healing, LLC (whether upper or lower case letters) as part of a website domain name or URL, or as part of an email address, or as a part of a social network profile and/or page name.
I agree to be bound by, and will comply with all the conditions of this Agreement. I agree that I will not be informed about the acceptance of this Agreement by Entropy Healing, LLC. Further, I agree that this form be forwarded to and kept by my contractual partner, Entropy Healing, LLC, (d.b.a. Adalina East, Entropy Healing and Entropy Healing, LLC), that may store it electronically, using a third party IT service.