Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program

Do you know you have intuitive gifts, but have been unable to access them yet?

Or have you taken so many classes and certifications that you aren't sure what is really YOURS at this point? Do you find yourself wanting to transition your mainstream work into something more expansive?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for my Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program.

Embrace your spiritual gifts!

Work one-on-one with a mentor who has helped hundreds of people discover, embrace and master their spiritual gifts and metaphysical abilities. This is not a course or a download, this is a one-on-one mentorship program for those who are ready to take that next step and fully embrace themselves on a spiritual level.

The program runs for six months and includes:

Bi-monthly one-on-one sessions with Adalina including Transformational Healing and practice time;

Bi-monthly homework assignments with exercises to re-awaken the gifts you were born with;

Opportunities to practice channeling and healing with Adalina and others on the same path;

Targeted journaling prompts just for you to dive into your subconscious and root out what is holding you back;

Access to Adalina's one-on-one downloads and tips through voice note messaging in between sessions.


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Last year, I began to notice that my healing sessions with clients would sometimes turn into live channeling sessions, channeling various answers to their deepest questions about their businesses, relationships, living circumstances and more.

These answers came very specifically from the clients’ Spirit Guides. As always, I am happy to work with people in whatever capacity is necessary to live in a space of peace. But I appreciate the spiritual independence that my teachers have passed on to me so that I can channel for myself, tapping in to the Divine whenever I need quick answers to decisions that feel intimidating.

Because of this, the Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program was born.

This program will take you out of your comfort zone and introduce to you exactly how to tap in to your intuitive gifts. Are you clairvoyant with the ability to see the right path to take, clairaudient, able to hear which way to go, clairsentient, able to feel which way is the right way for you? Or are you claircognizant, able to read others energy completely? Or do you have different spiritual gifts, like channeled writing, sound healing, seeing past lives or something that is completely unique to you and is not named yet?

The Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program ascertains just this: What are the intuitive gifts that you can bring to your business or organization every day to rise up? Or is it time to make the leap to strike out on your own?


"The mentorship program with Adalina was a life changing moment in time, and a healing portal. There are so many clear and major differences in the versions of me before and after the mentorship. My mind, body, and spirit have all been upgraded. Even my face has changed. She assisted me to clear and heal old stagnant traumas, from this life and previous ones. A month in I was finally able to feel what having clear and aligned chakras felt like, for the first time- and this is my birthright. Once the old traumas faded away, space for miracles opened up. I discovered spiritual gifts I didn't know I had. Working with Adalina gave me the confidence to be able to say I am a healer, I am a channel, I am a medium, I read past lives, and I can help." - Nicole E. 

"I have just completed my six-month mentorship program with Adalina, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the mentorship and about this incredible woman! For such a youthful person she brings such a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom on so many levels – practical, earthly matters, and then of course she connects us to the wisdom of Source and the guides to add to another level of beauty, healing, clearing and wisdom that is mind-blowing, healing and grounding all at the same time. Every time I connected with Adalina I felt healed, cleared, and inspired and then given practical tools for daily life and energy work that will help me forever more. I will be forever grateful for everything she has taught me and for introducing me to all of my spirit guides and angels. Thank you Adalina!! What a wonderful journey!! -Nancy Clifford

"Working with Adalina is the epitome of self-healing. The healing she channels is the groundwork for you to heal yourself. As I like to say, she lays the rug down for you to sit upon and do the work, with her loving presence watching on and supporting you fully.Previous to working with her, I felt like the healers I worked with (which was many) did the work for me, so I felt a little stranded after my work with them ended and still felt disconnected from myself. Personally, I have flourished with the 1-on-1 mentorship experience, which has helped me gain massive confidence and to move forward in my most divine direction. It was well worth the money to get this personal attention and support!You spend the first four sessions doing deep healing work – examining and working through triggers, traumas, and any blocks that could be holding you back. I think that is one reason why Adalina’s work is different and why it excelled for me. I went in knowing I had gifts, but not really knowing what they were and holding fear around them. The healing work cleared the way for me to see my gifts and, really, myself.After the deep healing takes place, it’s all about your gifts – learning, experiencing, and practicing them. Adalina always encouraged me, so I never felt alone in the process, and I always felt deeply held and seen! For the first time ever, I came into accepting my intuitive abilities, something I had always shamed and ignored.Self-doubt, fear, and low confidence use to be my calling cards and now I experience the world completely different! I am gaining self-trust every day, meeting new people instead of pushing them away, connecting deeper spiritually, and feel like I’m truly full of love and light to offer the world. I have even seen how to heal my chronic illness through this work and continue to feel deep release in my physical body. I don’t think I could recommend Adalina more!"

- Caitlin Burg

I came to Adalina prompted by strong intuitive calls. The pandemic had me focusing inward and I had undergone the loss of a dear loved one.  I was not a lightworker by name and didn’t know much about these new conceptions of the universe and the evolved beings we might know. I knew them first through Adalina in her podcasts then I came to know and love them myself.

In the beginning of the program, we worked hard on healing my trauma- early patterns around boundaries and interactions with my parents.  The Transformational Healing was and is such a gift.

I was soaring when I began to practice uncovering my own gifts.  In the last fourth of the mentorship what started as a trickle burst into being.  Not only was I making contact with my guides in higher dimensions, I also was able to contact my beloved that I lost and missed. I was able to contact him privately without going through anyone else and to celebrate and feel the comfort of our new relationship across worlds.

There’s nothing Adalina doesn’t know about me.  I trust her with all my difficulties and rush to tell her my accomplishments. She is made of strong stuff and yet is so relatable, funny, and astute. She is a wonderful therapist in her own right and when you add her simple reassuring teachings in traversing the spiritual realms, you have a powerhouse.

Adalina makes miraculous spiritual abilities seem down to earth. That’s probably why the guides love her so! Her new emphasis on Moving Forward and Cosmic Leadership is an exciting new chapter I can’t wait to go on. You will operate on a different level and live your life from on high under Adalina’s leadership. You can be an example of this leadership for others as well. 

By the conclusion of my mentorship, I had gone into a further awakening. It was a graduation on so many levels. Thank you Adalina!