Live Workshop-Maintaining Mental Health around the Holidays

Workshop on Weds., Nov. 16 2022 at 4pm PT/7pm ET.
Energy exchange: $30

Every year, we all come together for this beautiful time with our families.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah and many other family togetherness times that we have been taught SHOULD BE fun, but end in hurt feelings, judgement and sometimes even the sentiment, "I am never doing that again!"

We don't have to live this way!

Let's come together to talk about REAL LIFE strategies for maintaining our mental health around the holidays.

In this workshop, you will receive:

  • the latest research and strategies to keep feeling peaceful even when you are surrounded by chaos;
  • loving tips to set thoughtful boundaries with family and friends;
  • soothing messages from the Spirit Guides about how to move through this time with grace;
  • a Transformational Healing process to drop whatever pre-conceived beliefs you may have going into this holiday season;
  • new beliefs and memories about joyful time spent during the holidays to retrain your brain into a place of peace and yes, even excitement!

You will receive a Zoom link about one hour before the event. See you there!