How To Prepare For A Session

Adalina begins each Transformational Healing™ session by asking for your intention, and you will have a brief discussion of the circumstances that led you here. It is best to decide upon this intention before your session so that you may maximize your time with Adalina. Keeping the intention open allows your Highest and Best Spirit Guides to deliver the messages that are most pertinent to you at this time, but targeting your intention towards a particular area of healing needed is also very effective. 

Adalina is a conscious and unconscious channel and healer. Higher Dimensional Beings will pass healing energy through her body into yours through her voice, expanding your creativity and resolving past issues that may have held you back from your true soul’s mission. Using key codes of light and sound, the Spirit Guides open up the structures of your DNA and make necessary changes to release unneeded historical, genetic, unified and soul beliefs that have been retained in your structure. These changes leave you feeling free, unencumbered and ready to take on new projects with an organic level of confidence. This healing technique restores you to your authentic uniqueness, opening new portals for transcending the day to day.

During the session, information will be coming at a more rapid pace and channeled healing from your Spirit Guides may include specific movements or activations. We recommend that you allocate a quiet space for your session where you can be alone and have 30 minutes to process the session afterwards. Often, the Spirit Guides make directed DNA changes using these light and sound key codes to heal specific ailments. It is important to drink plenty of water for the next few days after your session to flush the toxins that may be released during the session out of your body.

Because Adalina spends most of the session in an unconscious channeling state, she may not remember the details of the messages from your Spirit Guides. For this reason, it is recommended that you keep a notebook nearby with questions. After your Guides deliver a direct message and/or channeled healing, you can ask questions for further clarification.

Adalina is not able to send downloaded recordings to you. If you would like to record the session, please select the option for a Zoom call when filling out your client intake form. The Zoom link will be emailed approximately 5 minutes before your session. There will be a “Record” button located on the lower right hand corner of the screen. If you choose to record the session, it will require 20-30 minutes after the session to download on to your hard drive/computer. Do not close the download window. You will be given an option to name and save the recording when it is finished downloading. Recording using the Zoom app on an iPhone or Android phone is not possible. If you select the telephone or Skype option when booking your session, recording the session will not be possible.

Healing will transpire whether you have an in-person session or work with Adalina remotely. Practical tips will be given to ascertain how you can continue this communication with your Spirit Guides at the end of the session.