Health and Beauty Product Recommendations

Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine tea has been used for centuries for everything from beautification through purification of the skin to tapping into your inner Divine Feminine. In Burma, we drank this tea daily. It greatly helped me in connecting to Kwan Yin and the other Divine Feminine Ascended Masters. In Cherokee culture, jasmine is used in ceremony to balance the feminine and masculine.

Immune Boosters

Golden Echinacea

Echinacea boosts your immune system naturally. Biologically, it has been shown to activate your “natural killer cells,” and has been proven effective in preventing and reducing the length of upper respiratory infections. I personally have found it to be helpful in clearing urinary tract issues, and anything in the 2nd chakra region. In indigenous American medicine, echinacea is also relied upon for resolving trauma and emotional blocks, and for transformation.



Astralagus is an immune-modulator, which means that it draws your immune system into whatever form it needs to be for what is happening in the body right now. It is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and has been proven effective in preventing and reducing the length of colds and flu. In indigenous American medicine, astralagus is relied upon for creating your own sanctuary and your own reality. It brings a deeper form of self-awareness to those who call upon it to do so.



Quicksilver Ultrabinder

This is the only detoxification supplement that I take and recommend. It is reported to help clear toxic mold and chemical exposure, but I also take it if I go into a period of ascension symptoms. My clients have found that taking 1 tsp. of this after a session or after working with the tones help them to clear anything that is not serving them.



This probiotic is safe for those with mold and chemical illness or overload. It is one of the few probiotics recommended by doctors for those with leaky gut or histimine intolerance. Megaspore has been clinically shown to maintain a healthy gut barrier function, something that is often porous after periods of illness or when dealing with an autoimmune condition. I tried over a dozen probiotics at my sickest and this was what worked for me.