Get Guided Mastermind

This is a NEW form of mastermind group.

The old, tired version of a mastermind is that several business people gather together and discuss their issues, trying to come up with solutions. Yes, we do that here but much more!

As we move forward into our new normal, with many of us working from home and creating our own spiritual businesses, we need a place to gather. A place to share our deepest concerns multi-dimensionally. 

What I have found in my multi-dimensional business is that there mainly two types of problems:

1. Practical problems.

2. Spiritual, psychic and/or emotional blocks.

One of the first women I worked with, Eileen, was a spiritual healer. She used Reiki and various symbols to lead others to heal from major physical problems, but wasn’t making enough money and felt like the clients she was attracting were not ideal for her gifts. She was expansive, and had done a great deal of spiritual healing on herself over the years. We talked through a few things from her life that might have been blocks, but everything felt cleared to both of us.

She needed her group of spiritual entrepreneurs to help her choose her technical tools and encourage her to record some digital courses so she was able to reach more people.

These are practical problems that were easily remedied by a few conversations with a group of like-minded souls. Within a month, she had doubled her income.

The second person I want to share with you is Sarah. Sarah works in accounting for a major firm in New York. Her project for last year was to do business to business marketing to help her firm receive new companies that needed their services. She reached out through her contacts, started to write articles for LinkedIn and business journals, even contributed to the social media account for her firm. Nothing was working.

We worked together and found that her block was in believing she couldn't/shouldn't sell. 

Needless to say, we cleared this block and she started her venture over again.

She acquired 8 new clients for her firm as of last week.

Most problems in business are a blend of these two things. In your mastermind group, each person will have the floor. Each person will share their current challenges, and then others in the group will share resources and ideas for how to resolve them. 

I am the facilitator. I organize our meeting times, make sure that we stick to listening and hearing each other and send helpful information to all of you. Of course, the Guides can’t resist speaking through me (conscious channeling), but this group is not a private session. You will receive ideas and input from others in the group, as we all have such individual things to share.

This group is for:

- businesspeople or business owners

- those who are getting ready to start their new business and need some tips, motivation, and expanders to remind them that they can do it;

- fired up souls who infuse their unique gifts into their business, whether mainstream or totally out there

- people interested in major leaps in their spiritual growth through their work

- those that KNOW we were put on this Earth to do what we love and become prosperous from it.

This investment is $555 for four monthly calls. This is a time for sharing and genuinely offering our take on each person’s business, not a time to take other calls or catch up on social media. Unlike the classes, you must attend each mastermind session live to get the most benefit.

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"I needed that boost to remind me that I AM a good channel, I am ready to start my business, and that I have to start somewhere. This group lit me up!" - Kacie E.

"My business grew to the $10K months I always knew that I was meant to have. Thank you for setting this up and introducing me to these women, Adalina!" - Jaqueline S.

"The more time I took to make the decision to join this group, the more I second guessed myself. I believe that if something is taking up a lot of mental space in your life, then you are meant to do it. This group has changed my life. My business is about to launch and I have the group and Adalina to thank for giving me the strength to do it." - Miriam L.

"My work doesn't fall into the same category as most of the people here. I work for a Fortune 500 company. I have found that the things I learned from Adalina and the others in this group led me to getting promoted, with a $30K pay bump, and being happier in my work. I don't consider myself a channel or healer, but I impact the world through my business in a different way. Now that I have these tools, I feel empowered to keep leading the spiritual revolution through business." - Kim S.