Free Event on Love with Adalina East

February 12th at 5pm ET

Join me for my free Valentine's Day event on Sunday, February 12th at 5pm ET!

Throughout this quiet period, I have been honing and refining various processes to create self-acceptance. In my years of experience as a therapist and neuroscience researcher, I have found that self-acceptance is the number one predictor of successful relationships, not only with the self, but with friends, family and romantic partners.

In this online session, we will use a combination of meditation, breathwork and Transformational Healing to create a sense of peace with ourselves.

At this online session, you will learn how to:

-Meditate yourself to a place of complete peace for your nervous system;

-Communicate with different parts of yourself that may be needing attention;

-Notice any triggers that may be coming to the surface;

-Heal the key trauma that has been holding you back from self-acceptance;

-and so much more!

Join me on Sunday, February 12th at 5pm ET for this beautiful practice and a transmission from the Guides.