Free Event with Adalina East

February 5th at 10am PT

My next free event will be Saturday, February 5th at 10am PT! Of course, we will be focusing on love as Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I have heard clients say FOR YEARS that they were waiting for the right person to show up.

Sometimes, we have to clear the baggage of old relationships first. We almost always have to clear SPACE for that person in our lives, which has always been the most difficult thing for me.
But most of all, we have to let go of the expectation of what that person will be like.

Yes, we can have our list of what we value most in another person, but they may show up with different qualities, EVEN BETTER QUALITIES THAN WE DREAMED! If you already have a relationship, the process we work through will enhance the joy you feel in it, or help you work out the kinks.

Join me on Saturday, February 5 at 10am PT for this beautiful practice and a transmission from the Guides. With all the love from every dimension,