Heroic Embodiment - Divine Guiding Light 3

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New live, channeled course!
Led by Kwan Yin, the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians
Mondays at 5pm PT, replays always available!

In this year of doubt, uncertainty and non-stop change, many of us have found that the heroes we always looked up to have fallen. Rapid change in our government, healthcare systems, working lives and yes even relationship dynamics have caused a rift in our psyches, sometimes producing the greatest excitement and fear that we have ever experienced. Positively, the patriarchal/hierarchical structures are disintegrating, but even this can cause some disruption to our day to day lives, and paradoxically, some fear as well.

It is our time as lightworkers on this Earth to rise up. We were born for this time.

In this course, we will use the cosmological energy of this time to burst forward, breaking down walls and all impediments to our own heroism. For the heroes have fallen, and we are poised to become our own heroes through embodiment, discernment and concerted direction from the Guides.

Led by Archangel Michael, the great healer, and the Pleiadians, we will recover from feelings about the fall of our heroes and begin to recognize the hero that lies within each of us. The Guides will deliver five Transformational Healing processes on subjects such as egoic projection, aligning with our inner hero, connecting with the Ascended Masters and so much more.

This course begins on Monday, January 25th at 5pm PT. We will meet for about an hour each Monday for five weeks over Zoom. Replays will be available, as always, and I recommend using each session multiple times for different levels of healing. Archangel Michael has also given some beautiful physical and practical steps for us in this course to finally work with time so that we can spend more of it on our spiritual practice.

I can’t wait to embody my inner hero. Join me?