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"Romantic love is something that all humans desire, yes, but we wish to let you know that this desire can also be one that promotes good feelings. That feeling of knowing that there is a person who compliments you entirely, or even several people, was put there by the Universal Wisdom. This knowledge can carry you forward in clearing any blocks to reaching this love. 

Yes, these blocks can be cleared! You have free will to choose when and where to let them go.

Some are from this current lifetime, some from past lifetimes.

All can be blended, cleared, overcome to amplify your positive expression of life. You can use new techniques to bring yourself into the place you need to be to attract in what and who is right for you." - The Guides

The Guides are always teaching me about how to clear blocks, as this is one of the foundations of Transformational Healing.

The details:
In session 1 of this 5 session course, we will journey together with the Guides through past lifetimes and work with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the Akashic Records to BLEND timelines rather than aggressively bumping up against them. Working in the Akashic Records has changed in the last several years, as our human ascension continues to level up. Aggressively clearing and trying to obliterate patterns from past lives as they show up NOW is no longer the best way forward!

The Guides have shown me a different way, and I can't wait to introduce this to you.

In sessions 2 and 3, we will also gently clear the blocks that you have to love in this lifetime. Many of us grew up in households that were, let us say, less than loving. We learn how to love from our earliest caretakers. 

Together, we will use the power of neuroscience and spirituality, my trademarked process of Transformational Healing, to finally let those go. Letting go of the past feels so good!

Finally, we will work with my counseling background, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT tools, to keep us on track. CBT, founded by Dr. Aaron Beck and backed by neuroscience, gives us the knowledge to know how to STOP ourselves in our tracks when we find ourselves exhibiting behaviors that have been troubling to love in the past. Examples of this healing include overcoming tolerating less than we deserve, anxious and/or enmeshed attachment and so much more.

The last session of the course will focus on manifestation. The Guides will show us how to manifest that perfect-for-me-but-not-perfect person to share our time with in this lifetime.

This is a holistic course in how to love, how to overcome your own negative patterns, and how to welcome in the new.
Reviews about Adalina's work with love and partnership

"Adalina was introduced to me at a neuroscience conference. I had never met someone with her diverse background and education, but she taught me how to love again. I thought I was too old to find someone, but using her methods, I found the right person for me. Thank you, Adalina." -Rose L., Detroit, MI

"I met Adalina at the perfect time at a yoga class. She worked with me and my husband of 20 years separately. We were on the verge of divorcing, but with her woo woo techniques and CBT, we have been able to move forward in our relationship. We are happy again and grateful to her for helping us avoid splitting up." Eileen S., NYC, NY

"Partnership in love and business has always been hard for me. I tolerated all kinds of mistreatment. Adalina taught me how to set boundaries and keep them. The Guides she works with helped me see myself as a valuable pearl, ready to be cherished. I am getting married this fall to a wonderful man." - Zariah H., UAE

"I highly recommend everyone take at least one of Adalina's courses. I started with her Love Abundance meditation and was hooked! I have now taken several of her classes and have found that my life has changed. I called in the love I wanted and we are enjoying quarantine more than ever now!" - Tanya L., Duluth, MN.

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