Why Am I Drawn to Astrology?

If you are listening to my new podcast, Cosmic Leadership, you know that I have had a fair amount of astrologers on the pod. And more to come!

What is this all about? Am I considering a career change?

NO! Astrology is amazing and deep, but I am in love with my job.

But I have been diving deep into astrology lately. I asked the Guides about what was happening, and heard this from the Pleiadians:

"You are drawn to astrology because it is the tool that you need right now. There are different tools for different times of life. 

As human beings, you all must find what you need to enable you to uplevel to the next place of your ascension. As ascension has accelerated in the last two calendar years on your planet, many people have sought new forms of enlightened experience.

You have found a way to be of both the stars, our lineage and many others, and also grounded in your humanity.

Of course, astrology is real. Your Guides, the Pleiadians, Arcturians and so on have developed this system, or shall we say, it was already developed, when we began.

Yes, as you have said, as things shift in the 3D world, you are always able to go back to astrology and see how the stars and their alignments match what is happening on Earth. And there is a certain comfort in this, Dear One. Knowing that the stars are moving into the right place at the right time can also remind you that you are doing the same.

You and the stars are made of the same energy, Dear One. Look to us in moments of indecision and we are always here."

-The Pleidians

Isn't that comforting though? It made my day!

If you haven't listened to this week's podcast episode with amazing astrologer and poet, Heidi Rose Robbins, please head over and check it out here! I am so grateful for each and every one of you that subscribes. Thank you!

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