Trusting Your Body

How deeply do you trust your own body?

When you are trying to make a decision, do you feel an intuitive zing somewhere in your body? Do you get butterflies in the pit of your stomach, or do you feel a buzzing sensation near your head? If the answer is a no, do you feel tension behind your eyes or in your shoulders? Some of us get a tightening of the stomach too.

This is Spirit moving through you. These are the sensations to trust above everything else. The Universe gave us these bodies to live in. We can use them for whatever we want to do. Once we get in touch with our bodies, we learn how to use them as our compass, to direct us where to go next. This is such a powerful resource that much of society has been conditioning us to ignore these intuitive zings.

Have a headache? Take a pill. You feel exhausted all the time? Drink some more coffee. Of course, it is absolutely ok to have a headache and be tired sometimes, but when this starts becoming a more often than not situation, it is time to take a good look at what our intuitive zings have been telling us.

Our bodies often tell us what is happening on the inside of us. We can use them as our guides to know if we are anxious, upset or distressed, all through tuning in to our intuition and asking it where we are slightly off center.

Are you in a situation where you have ignored your intuitive zing? How is your life feeling right now? 

If you are not feeling exactly as you want to, you can change it. Go back in time to when you last ignored your intuitive zing, and make a different decision. Make a case for yourself as you would for your best friend. Listen to your body. Listen to its cues for which way to turn next. And as always, I am here if you would like some guidance with this.


Photo: Pascale from Burma

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