The Sirians Heal Pain

Have you ever tried multiple modes of healing pain and had them all not work for you? I have been there. I love doing work with the Sirians because I can actually feel the work taking place within my body.

For those of you who may be new to this work, the Sirian collective is a star collective sent to work with us to make changes in our lives. The Sirians are very logical and contextual healers. They are the spirit collective to call upon for body healing that may have started in your emotional life.

What do I mean by body healing?

The Pleiadians are often thought of as the only star collective that can work with the body, but the Sirians can as well. For that matter, all spirit guides can work with the body to help you heal it, recover things that have been lost and assist you in healing any emotional trauma that may have led to bodily breakdowns.

To date, the Sirians have helped me lead others to healing depression, anxiety autoimmune illnesses, heart disease, chronic physical pain, back problems and so much more.

The Sirians unique ability though, is to help you find the source of your physical pain. So many of us, me included, have gone down the rabbit hole of medical intuitives, doctors, blood tests, etc. to try to find out what ails us. Often times, I have found this answer when I ask the Sirians for help.

They tend to lead me to the exact right practitioner, a friend with a good recommendation and/or healing it all on my own. 

In this time of medical uncertainty for so many of us, it is incredibly useful to work with the Sirians to get to the bottom of things.

Here is their message for us today:

“Our Dearest Ones, please know that pain is rooted in the emotional body. It is rooted within your tissues and within your cells. It arrives there through emotional experiences that may have left you breathless, exhausted and seeking refuge.

We are here to help you get to the root of how these things came about. For there is a root to everything. We wish to give you an example of this.

If you have been experiencing extensive pain in your back, this may be rooted in early childhood. One that has been working with us to resolve pain has found that feelings of unwantedness as a child brought up her back pain. Regardless of how it came about, it can be healed.

Using this channel’s method of rewriting older experiences and using tones from us, this person has been healed of this pain and is now flourishing. We wish to work with all of you in this way. 

For it is never our design for you to live in pain, Dear Ones. We always want to assist you in moving towards your happiness.”-the Sirians

If you would like to receive the purest healing from the Sirians, check out the Light Beings and Wayshowers podcast this week, How to Heal Pain with the Sirians.

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