Rewiring Your Brain

Have you ever felt stuck in a repetitive thought? Has it ever circled and circled throughout your brain over and over again until you thought you would scream?

I’ve been there!

When I was going through the most major part of my health crisis 5 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined being here today. I didn’t get here by accident, or by buying every crystal or participating in every fad diet out there. I ate whole foods. I tapped in to my Spirit Guides and asked for guidance. I rewired my brain.

At my most painful point of life, I was sitting most of the day, unable to move or in too much pain to move large swaths of my body. My repetitive thought was, “I will never be able to move again. Walks in the park, gone. Traveling around the world, gone. Getting to work in my chosen profession, gone. My life is over. This is it. Me and Netflix and calling my husband to come help me when I have to go to the bathroom.”

Pretty low place, right? My self-pity got old, and I started reading some of my neuroscience books from my graduate program. Through re-learning about the limbic system, this incredible part of your brain responsible for memories, learning, hormones and so much more, I began to heal myself. There were little things at first. One day, I could bend over and tie my own shoes. The next day, I could walk from my apartment to the grocery store a block away. Several weeks later, I could go into a church with a mold problem for 10 minutes and not go into anaphylactic shock (because yes, that was happening too).

I learned all about how the limbic system could be re-trained to have repetitive positive thoughts too. Instead of my internal dialogue being one of self-defeat, depression and anxiety, I could retrain my brain to cycle new thoughts. And these new and more life-affirming thoughts led to hormonal balance, the falling away of my chronic pain, nerve issues healed and so much more.

When we use our limbic brain, our cingulate cortex, hypothalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala, to help us heal, the whole game changes. We can use the limbic brain to reprogram older memories that leave us feeling in pain, anxious or depressed.

As we do this, we begin retraining our entire limbic system. With our brain as the primary control center of our life, it makes sense to work here first. We can begin today by recirculating positive memories, or by rewriting the negative ones in a way that is for our highest and best good.

This work is helped along by channeled, healing tones. Our limbic brain responds to certain frequencies of sound, and different parts of the brain respond to different tones. There are tones to increase memory, overcome anxiety and give you more energy. You can check out the Spirit, Purpose & Energy podcast with bestselling author and health coach JJ Flizanes today to receive free mini-tones for more energy.

I work with people every day to teach them how to do this so that they can heal from all kinds of mental and physical conditions. As we do this healing work, their intuitive gifts become stronger and deeper. I use channeled, healing tones just for them to solidify and ground the work into our everyday existence. We explore the realm of their Spirit Guides and tap in to what more their life and the Universe have to offer.  The first step is in recognizing that the negative thoughts that are recirculating today can be changed!

This is a loving reminder to you to interrupt that pattern of negative, circular thought. If I can do it, I know that you can too.

You can book sessions with me here if you would like to go deeper into this work and to learn how to heal yourself by mastering your limbic brain. I look forward to working with you!

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