Prioritizing YOU

Channeled message from Ashtar, being that assists in spiritual awakening: 

“Why would you believe your needs are any less important than others? Didn’t the Creator make you just others were made? How would your needs be less important?

You can remember how important your needs are when you look into the face of someone to whom you bring joy. Without you, they could not heal. They could not ascend to their next level. If you are unhealthy and exhausted from prioritizing others’ needs over your own, you will not be of service. You goal is to be there for yourself first so that you may be there for others.

When you ignore your own needs, it is like telling the Creator that you, as a Creation, are less valuable than We know you are.

Soothe yourself, pay attention to your needs. Feel your body and what it needs. If it is more rest, take that rest. If it is more love, spend time with people who love you or meditate with Us and we will give you that Love. It is ok to ask and to receive.”

I know this was meant to be a blog, but I will leave it here so you may interpret this in whatever way serves you best. As always, I am honored to bring these messages forward and grateful to Ashtar for these beautiful words about how precious we truly are.

So much love and light to all of you. xoxox

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