Crisis Mode?

I have put off sharing my ideas on the crisis in Ukraine.

Just like I put off sharing my ideas on the Keystone pipeline.

This is not because I don’t HAVE ideas. This is not because I am not doing things in the background. Thanks to my nearest and dearest clients, we have raised over $40K.

I am very aware that sharing a Ukrainian and Native American background is unusual. I also know that it makes me the baddest ass of all of the badasses🙂

I hesitate to talk about current crises in our world because I KNOW that people are waiting for what I will say about each thing, and I KNOW the weight that it carries. Not only because I love you and you love me and we trust each other, but also because of my past career in the organizations that are helping with the crisis in Ukraine now.

I’m afraid to get it wrong. 

In the interest of my full honesty and disclosure, as always, I will refer you to a link to donate money at the end of this. It’s where I am donating money. It’s what I trust right now.

And without further ado, here is a short missive from the Guides:

Our Dearest Ones,

When we see strife like this on your planet, and challenging times abound, we send you all of our love and strength.

We know that you are aware that this is not a manifested event.

This is not something that is taking place because humanity decided it was best.

There are things that take place in the world that even we cannot predict or reason with, and this is one of the many.

Please know that your role in serving others at this time is whatever feels best to you. As always, we encourage you to remember that your energy effects everyone, for we are all one. Feel into it and see what feels best.

We need those who pray, meditate, raise money, serve food, create logistical plans, manage organizations, and much more. All are needed here, you see.

And so please know that whatever way you choose to serve right now is the right way.

You are a beautiful soul. We see you. We love you.

Bless yourselves and each other today.

-The Guides

To donate to the Red Cross, click here.

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