Living a Purposeful Life with the Ancient Grandmothers

"Our Dearest Ones, every single part of you is a part of your purpose. Your hair, your eyes, the way you handle situations, even your very personality. All of you was created for your purpose.

But your purpose does not have to be in the world of work. Your purpose can be in your family, in your relationships with others, in finding ways to make yourself happy in your day to day life, Dear Ones.

All of this and more is your purpose."-the Ancient Grandmothers

I first met the Ancient Grandmothers so many years ago when I was traveling in Burma, this beautiful Southeast Asian country. The politics and strife that the Burmese have been through is more than most can imagine for one lifetime, but that is a blog post for a different day. While I was in Burma, I wasn’t involved in spirituality the way that I am now.

As I walked around the incredible Schwedegon Pagoda, the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Burma, I admired the devotion of people to their spiritual path. There were many people meditating and praying, burning incense and giving thanks to Buddhist relics.

In circling the most sacred Buddhist site in Burma, I met a woman who called herself a channel. She spoke perfect English, and shared with me about an hour’s worth of downloads from my Guides. One of the many things I learned was that the Ancient Grandmothers were with me all the time, moving me closer and closer to my purpose.

As she channeled their love and wisdom to me, I could feel their familiar presence and knew that I had felt them before. They did, and still do, feel like a warm hug to me.

They have lived so many lifetimes and possess wisdom on a different scale than you and I do. This wisdom has deeply impacted me on a number of levels.

The Ancient Grandmothers have spoken to me about my purpose in this life. Some people seek their purpose for their entire lives, some just do this in their 20s. It is different for all of us. We can feel this sense of purpose in just living, everyday living. The Ancient Grandmothers bring fire back to our bellies about our purpose on this Earth.

Our Ancient Grandmother Spirit Collective talk about how we all share the same purpose, bringing love and joy to ourselves and others, and aiding others in healing and growth.

They are always available to be contacted for more specifics about our purpose, as spreading love and healing, though trendy, can be a bit vague. I have worked with numerous clients who have heard all of the details about their purpose from the Ancient Grandmothers and so many other Guides. They speak of different healing modalities, wellness programs and even Fortune 500 companies, sharing more guidance than I could ever dream.

If you are interested in hearing channeled messages and an activation from the Ancient Grandmothers Spirit Collective on living our purpose, tune into my podcast this week.

With all of the love from every dimension.

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