Liberating Yourself from Empathic Trauma

The free event has passed, but you may listen to more on Adalina's podcast,
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Liberate Yourself Free Event

This past year has been a lot for anyone, but particularly those of us that identify as empaths, healers or spiritual beings. Not only have we felt whatever we have been through on a personal level, but we have felt what the human collective has been through in our deeply loving hearts.

I have spoken to many empaths that feel burned out, overwhelmed and as if they just simply can’t help anyone else anymore. I have spoken to empaths that feel they can’t help themselves anymore.

My background in neuroscience and counseling has led me to do extensive research on the subject of trauma. What the psychiatry/psychology community calls Post Traumatic Stress is the tip of the iceberg for some of us. That may just be a trip to the shoe store!

The Post Traumatic Stress that I am most interested in healing is that kind of stress that seizes you when you hear a loud noise, see another person in pain or sense in your physical body that someone near you is recovering from a long-term illness. I am most interested in using my relationships with my Spirit Guides and my neuroscience-backed healing process to get to a new place in my psyche. I am most interested in getting to a place of genuinely overcoming both MY AND THE HUMAN COLLECTIVE’S pandemic trauma.

This desire led me to deepen my research. I found beautiful souls that were willing to let me try different measurable, brain stimulating techniques with them, blending in work with the Guides. And they healed so quickly that I couldn’t believe it.

I am still using this new addition to my Transformational Healing modality on myself and loving the benefits. I feel lighter, and the empathic rage that had been bubbling up in me has all but dissipated.

Do you want to learn this new technique? Join me on Weds., October 13 at 5pm PT to learn how to let go of anything holding back your liberation this year. Let’s rewrite the past together.

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