This is a photo of me with some of my students in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Yes, it does appear that I am opening a container of birth control pills, but I can assure you this was not the case! I believe this was a holiday gift from the student to my right, one who taught me at least as much as I taught her. Teaching has always come naturally to me, and I am so grateful for this because it means that I get to spend time with amazing people who want to learn! I know this sounds like a very simple thing, but it is not. Sometimes, I just don’t want to learn. I get into a groove in my life, everything is humming along, and I forget to learn. I forget the entire reason for being here! It happens to all of us.

When I get into this forgetting to learn place, it usually takes something fairly major for me to remember. Finishing school and multiple degrees was never a problem for me because I could see a clear path to financial success and the accomplishments that I wanted at the time. But what about learning for learning’s sake? This has been my joy and place of calm for the last few years. It took some major life changes to open me back up again, but I have a deep appreciation for this because it brought me here.

Needless to say, Quan Yin has been coming through in a lot of my sessions with clients, and she has had a lot to say about the state of the world at the moment. However, I keep getting messages from her about learning, and would like to share them with you.

Channeled message from Quan Yin:

Learning was created for you to ascend. Learning can take many forms at this time, but one of its greatest effects is humility. Humility should not be confused with being in a place of subservience, though it is often portrayed this way. Humility allows one to use their gifts to fortify humanity, to learn from each other, to learn from the trees, the plants, the ground. Learning is the most natural way for one to move forward and grow in this lifetime. Many of you are concerned with your careers, and this is a valid concern in today’s society. But how can you move forward in your career if you are not learning anything? Taking in new information must be the foundation for forward motion. Acceptance of this information, integration of this information. It is all there for you. You only have to ask.

Much of the path of the studious at this moment involves those with the financial resources necessary to apply to institutions, be accepted and study a certain path to obtain accolades and specific recognition. This is one path, and we do not place judgement on this path because it is important as a building mechanism. Does this path always satisfy? Sometimes it does not, for reasons that transcend beyond this three dimensional reality.

Another path of learning is to communicate with your Spirit Guides. Commit to your own spiritual practice, learn through the Akashic records, focus on your strengths that do not replicate in any other being. Tap in to a different well of knowledge for multidimensional results. If you seek greater peace and knowledge from a higher perspective, you may simply ask for it.


Photo Credit: Fabulous student, Ilidža, BiH

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