Does Spirituality Actually Make Us Happier?

This is one of my favorite questions in the world!

Because of my neuroscience background, I always like to look at the research first. There are numerous studies on this topic, including a fantastic book called How God Changes Your Brain, by Andrew Newberg, MD and Mark Robert Waldman. I recommend you pick it up if you are interested, but the bottom line is that yes, spiritual connection has been found to physically change our brains' wiring to make us happier. More about this in my video linked below with lots of research citations.

Being that the research shows us that our connection to spirit can bring us such joy, why do we resist?

I can only speak for myself personally, but when I feel afraid, I tend to shy away from my spiritual practice. Sometimes I am afraid of what I will hear, but sometimes I just forget that help is available to me on the non-physical plane. I mistakenly believe that spending more time in the DOING will make whatever I want to happen come to me faster.

I think the DOING is very important. I also think relying on our spiritual team, God, Source, Spirit Guides, helps us figure out what the next step should be.

When I was unable to move my physical body, I eventually gave in to Source. I gave in to asking for help. I gave in to surrender.

Little by little, I started to have serendipitous encounters with the medical and energetic practitioners that would make up my physical healing team. I met someone who was familiar with all of my symptoms and knew of a non-toxic way to help me gain feeling in my feet again.

I just happened to go to a yoga class with someone who was unperturbed by the fact that all I would do was lay there in class. She even drove me to an herbal practitioner that I recommend to EVERYONE (Dr. Richard Bloom in Spring Valley, NY. Google him because he is amazing).

The main idea for me when I feel less than happy is to remember that I can call on my spiritual team for ideas, new perspective and problem solving help. 

If you want to hear more and receive more tips about how to work with your spiritual team, watch my video here.



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