Carrying Certainty with the Draconians

Who are the Draconians and why do they care about my self-doubt?

This is a question that has come up so much for me. 

As star beings and spirit guides, the Draconians have lived different lifetimes for many thousands of years. They were considered the most important stars for centuries and tend to have a regal feeling about them. Their love and affinity for the human collective can feel intense when channeling them.

Draconian energy feels like this amazing cooling rush through my body. I know many experience energy differently, and we all experience it in the best way for us to use it to our advantage. If you haven’t felt this rush of cooling energy, perhaps they reach you in a different way that makes more sense to you. If you want to learn how to feel/hear/see/chat with your Guides, check out the Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program.

The Draconians also do not believe in group differentiation as we experience it here on Earth.

They carry such a strong presence, and for this reason, some experience fear when first approaching them. Some believe that they carry with them Reptilian energy, but this has not been my experience. For me, they have been unassuming, kind souls that have come to us to help us with numerous things, but specialize in doubt.

The Draconians' healing niche is working with doubt about our most deeply held beliefs.  

This year has been challenging for all of us, but something I have struggled with is my doubt. The Me Too movement brought difficult things to light for my community, and I have had to challenge some of my most deeply held beliefs. 

Did I believe that Kundalini yoga and it's ancient practices were helpful for me? Were they helpful for others? Could I still participate in these practices knowing what I know now?

I have worked with the Draconians on this for months now, and have finally come to a place of rest and peace with it.

The modality of healing that the Archangels, Mary Magdalene collective and so many others have channeled through to me is called Transformational Healing. Founded upon neuroscience, spirituality and the tenets of counseling, this modality has helped me work towards healing PTSD, as well as a myriad of long-term and chronic illnesses. I continue to use this modality to move ever closer to emotional, psychological and physical health.

I share the Transformational Healing™ that the Draconians sent through to me to overcome self-doubt on the podcast this week. Please do check it out and let me know how it works for you in the comments here, or through a DM on my social media.

I will leave you with this bit of genius from the Draconians:

“Is there any truth that is important enough to disturb your peace? Only you can answer this. Only you can know the answer to this.”

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