Bringing Lemurian Deep Love with You

The Lemurians are with us today!

If you are unfamiliar with the Lemurians, they were an ancient civilization. There are many accounts of when and where they lived, as well as some debate about whether they existed at all.

What I like about the Lemurians is that they created a Heaven on Earth type of space. I firmly believe that we are in the process, albeit a bumpy one, of doing the same.

As I have been channeling the Lemurians, I have been wrapped up in regular life things. Travel up and down the East Coast, Dr.’s appts., seeing friends and family that I haven’t seen in some time. I thought that I wanted one, stable place from which to produce my most creative work.

I thought that I wanted to ground in to one place to allow me the space and time for creativity. I wanted to feel this incredible love, this Heaven on Earth feeling in one place and just stay there.

As a deep believer in astrocartography and a longtime lover of astrology, I know that my Jupiter line falls squarely on NYC. Jupiter is the planet of luck and good fortune. It is no wonder that I have spent a lot of my adult life there!

As many of you know, I moved across the country in 2020 from NYC to LA. I love LA and look forward to going back, but I absolutely know it is not on my Jupiter line, and that’s ok with me. However, the Universe has been edging me closer and closer to NYC. We started out in Philly, and each travel after that has moved us closer and closer to that powerful city.

I was chatting with the Lemurians about my desire to stay in one place, to find that sense of spaciousness and calm and deep love about one location.

What I have learned from the Lemurians is that we can bring this groundedness, this stability and this deep love to any location we choose. It not only lives within each one of us, but the Lemurians can also channel it right through us into anywhere we go!

They share a process to get this started for us in my podcast, Light Beings and Wayshowers, this week.

“Our Dearest Ones, we are the Lemurians. Many of you know of our history, our society, and our deep love for the Earth. We worked with the ancient grids of the Earth, the crystals and much more to further cultivate this deep love, allowing us to infuse anywhere that we went with this love. And today, we wish to share this process with you so that you too may clear any space you find yourself in, and infuse it with the deepest love and healing possible.”-the Lemurians

Do you want to hear more? Tune in to the podcast here for the full process.

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