The Beacon Series - Breaking the Patterns of Early Childhood

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The Beacon Series has been designed for those seeking to recover from past trauma using neuroscience-backed methods of healing. Combining subconscious reprogramming, neuroplasticity work and high vibrational channeled messages and vocal tones, this course moves you to an elevated state of being. This series is for anyone who is fed up with the status quo and would like to make lasting changes to impact their relationships with themselves, others, finances and more.

In this course, you will be guided through Transformational Healing™ processes to heal yourself. Adalina teaches individual modules focused on mending your relationship with your finances, mother figure and father figure, and the interrelationship between these integral parts of our lives. The course blends science-backed methods to recover from trauma with messages, activations, processes and channeled sound harmonics from multi-dimensional beings such as the Archangel collective, the Council of Light, the 9th dimensional Lyrians, the 12th dimensional Pleiadians, the Mary Magdalene collective and more. A special emphasis is placed on altering thought patterns related to expectations of important figures in childhood, transitioning our minds, bodies and spirits to a higher vibration and healing on all levels. Transformational Healing processes are delivered to separate out previous timelines from the present, allowing space to create your current timeline from the perspective of your Guides.

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