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The Alchemist's Monthly Program

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Adalina’s Alchemists Monthly Program provides you with one LIVE exclusive channeled video each month that is not available anywhere else! Joining Universal forces with the Ascended Masters, star collectives and Multi-Dimensional Teachers, this group will focus providing guidance to those pursuing a path of spiritual growth and lightwork on the planet now. With monthly themes, these videos include current information about the energies that surround us and our path as we walk forward as lightworkers during this time of transition with ease and grace. Transformational Healing on the theme of the month is brought through to work with your inner neuronal structures, retraining your brain for prosperity, joy and the courage to move forward on your unique road in this lifetime. You will receive light and sound codes to heal, raise your vibration and advice from the Guides on bringing forward your intuitive gifts into the world.

There are two options for joining this program, an annual subscription or a 6-month subscription. The price annually is $14.99 a month for a limited time only. Lock in this price for a year by purchasing the yearly subscription! The 6-month subscription is priced at $19.99 a month.

When you join this program for a year, you will receive access to this year’s videos, giving you the opportunity to dive deeply into communication with your Guides, and to hear wisdom from them on differing themes each month.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive a private password to the Alchemists private Facebook group. Many here will have also taken some of the channeled courses, but this group is also open to those wanting to work with Adalina for the first time. Join our beautiful community of lightworkers and seekers today!